Physical Distancing Becomes New Term at Governors Briefing

VERMONT- The term "Social Distancing" was a big key topic at Governor Scott's press briefing on Monday as the Governor and his task force would like to see the public not use the term social distancing but now physical distancing.

"The last thing we want social distancing to create, is social isolation. So if we can just be cognisant of physical distancing and trying to remain socially connected, I think that will be far healthier for us all," said Commissioner of Health Dr. Levine. 

This comes as Vermont now stands at 855 COVID-19 cases and 47 deaths.

Dr. Levin and the Governors task force brought up the issue of re-opening local businesses and brought up the four principal criteria to begin re-opening. 

"First, a restrained reduction in cases for at least 14 days. Second, a health care system that is safley able to treat all patients without exceeding its capacity. Third, the state is able to test all people who have symptoms. Fourth, the state is able to implement and conduct active monitoring of confirmed cases and there context. Social distancing is here to stay, expect it to be a part of the Vermont scene even as we re-open Vermont," Dr. Levine said. 

By tomorrow, the United States is likely to reach a milestone of one million Americans infected by COVID-19 and nearly 55,000 deaths. Governor Scott wanted to ensure Vermont that we are in a better position but mourn the loss of Vermonters.  

"In Vermont, we have had better outcomes but we have lost 47 Vermonters. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and neighbors. I want to take a minute this morning to share my sympathy with those familes and friends of those we have lost due to this highly contagious virus. It is importaint we remember them and remind ourselves why we are taking these extreme measures to protect those we love and to win this battle, we must do our part." 

With many still out of jobs and in need of unemployment funds, the Governor and his task force wanted to ensure Vermonters they are doing everything they can to help support those in need.

"I know how incredibly hard this is for all of you but in particular our small business owners. We have heard loud and clear your frustration and fear. Too many Vermonters still waiting on their unemployment checks who just want to get back to work in some sort of routine. Belive me, this is not what I want to see for our employers and our hard working Vermonters but we must put public health first," said Governor Scott. 

Today the SBA has opened up the window on the pay check protection program where businesses can apply directly to lenders to get funds to bring people back to work or prevent them from being laid off. 

For more information on this you can vistit

Governor Scott and his task force wanted to remind everyone, we are in this together and will get through this one day at a time.