Indigenous People's Day in Vermont

Statehouse ShotVERMONT - The State Legislature has approved a bill that would allow the legal renaming of Columbus Day in the state of Vermont to Indigenous People's Day. The change in holiday names is to bring a better focus to American history and celebrate American history rather than celebrate Christopher Colombus finding America and colonizing the "New World".

The bill will be moved to the desk of Republican Governor Phil Scott who has been quoted saying that "I am likely to sign the bill into law that would recognize the second Monday in October as Indigenous People's Day" The Governor sees this bill as an opportunity for Vermonter's to show appreciation and learn more about the states ancestral roots before the times of the colonization. 

Phil Scott looks to the holiday as a gubernatorial procclomation, and a change that has long been overdue given the strong history that American Indians have in this state. Scott has said that he is carrying on this tradition that was started by Democratic Governor, Peter Shumlin, and Scott has also stated that he and his team see no reason to not sign this bill into law, given that they have and are currently reviewing the bill for any issues; of which, they have found none so far.