Single-Use Plastics Ban Proposed in Vermont

WhitesVERMONT- Practice makes perfect and you may want to start remebering to bring your reusable bags to shopping centers here in Vermont. As soon as 2020, the use of plastic bags may become a thing of the past.

Last Friday in a 27-3 vote, the Vermont Senate gave approval to a bill banning all single-use plastics by July of 2020.  Stores would be prohibited from distributing single-use plastic bags to their customers.

The proposed bill would charge customers a 10 cent fee if they decided to use paper instead of bringing their own. The bill still needs to get the final vote from the Senate, along with the approval from Governor Scott. While Scott is in favor of the bill, he remains skeptical about the paper bag fee.

While still a small fee, it could be a charge shoppers are paying everytime. Cherry Hebert, a shopper at Whites Market in Lyndonville who is in favor of the ban, said that remebering to bring the bags everytime is the important part. Hebert says that "some people use the plastic bags for other purposes after," which she says she has done as well. "But I have grandchildren and I think it's important that I think about them, not just what's convienient for me at the moment," Hebert stressed.   

The final vote in the Senate is expected to occur some time this week.