H. Brooke Paige Seeks To Hold Public Office

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H Brooke PaigeBURLINGTON - H. Brooke Paige ran for six different state positions in the 2018 Vermont Election, and he was nominated to run on the Republican Ballot for all six offices. This being said Paige turned down five of these positions and began his campaign for the only office that he wanted all along, the position of Secretary of State. In the first place, Paige only ran for six different positions to show the ambiguity and issues to open registration for running in Vermont elections; Paige wanted to prove that the system was flawed, and he proved just that by winning the nomination for all six of the offices that he applied to. This was beside the point for Paige, when asked about his methods at a Republican Dinner party hosted by the Elks Club in St. Johnsbury, Paige was quoted saying, "I thought this would be the best way to show Vermonters one of the biggest flaws in our voting system," he explained, "anyone in my position could sign their name and apply to any state office under any party... and they would probably have a great chance of winning the nomination... my actions stress this point." 

However on Election Night, it was announced that Paige had lost the election to Jim Condos, the incumbent for the Secretary of States office. This did not, however, deter Paige in the slightest. "When you campaign, and you get to see the people that you are reaching, and you can hear that your message has successfully reached the general public, then it doesn't really matter who sits in the chair, I know that there are like-minded Vermonters out there who know there need to be some changes, frankly that's what I set out to do with my campaign."

Although Paige lost his election by a deficit of 99,828 votes, he made the statement when addressing the GOP that he would run again for the Secretary of States office in 2020. "Even though I may have lost this election, my work is not finished. I know that there are still issues that need to be addressed, and problems that need to be fixed in Montpelier, I don't plan on throwing in the towel any time soon."