Phil Scott: Our Re-Elected Governor

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phil scott GOPBURLINGTON - The GOP Headquarters in Burlington sprung alive after 10:30 PM on election night when it was announced that Phil Scott had entered the building. Not very soon after was it announced that he had crossed the threshold that ensured that he would remain our Governor for an additional two-year term. Once Scott entered the ballroom at the DoubleTree Hotel, there were thunderous applause from the members of the republican party present at the function. 

Scott wasted no time addressing the GOP, thanking everyone for their support, including his campaign team, and everyone who voted for him in this years election. Phil Scott went on to talk about what he feels is going to be important in the next few years, and why he has orchestrated his next term to focus on specific issues and legislation. "First, we must make Vermont more affordable, in my travels across the state I met a man who made $19.00 an hour and still couldn't make it and have a place to live. We have a long way to go in this regard - Second, We must focus on bettering our education so that the next generation can learn as much as they can, and we must give them a reason to stay in Vermont. - Third, we will protect our neighbors. 

Scott went on to thank Christine Halliquist on a very well run campaign, and while she may have lost, Scott said that she ran "an energized and historic campaign". Scott went on to touch base on how much he enjoyed running against someone like Ms. Halliquist, and how he would not have preffered the race to go any other way. "I am happy to say that we had a good race against one another, and above that, both of our campaigns stayed free of the hate and bigotry that we see all to often in Washington." 

With the grand majority of the State House and Senate now Democrat, Phil Scott will have to acclimate to a much different form of government than what he has gotten use to over the past two years, however it is nothing new to Scott. "I've worked alongside a democrat-centered House and Senate before, we are capable of working together to get done what needs to be done," Scott explained, "The people of Vermont have sent us a clear message with this years election, we must work together."