Car Emissions in Vermont

CAR EMISSIONS thumbnailVERMONT - The Trump administration is looking to lower the emission standards on motor vehicles across the nation. This will undo all the legislation created to protect the environment and enforce stricter gas emission laws that were put in place during the Obama administration. Many Vermonters are against this move by the Trump administration, and members of Vermont's state government are working to keep emission standards where they are in our state.
TJ Donovan, the Attorney General for the state of Vermont, said in a recent press release on Tuesday that the EPA's move to lower greenhouse gas emissions standards is "bad for Vermont's environment and public health." Many vermonters agree with this statement, and many are also on board with keeping emission standards where they are.
In a recent interview held with members of the Lyndonville community, Jesse Murray, a Lyndonville resident, shared his thoughts on the subject. "I don't see why they wouldn't keep the emission standards where they are, we have a great environment here and it is beautiful. We should be working to keep it beautiful, you know, if you take care of nature it will take care of you."
At the moment it is unclear as to how National law will affect our emission standards in our state, however Donovan made it clear that he and members of the Vermont state government are ready to work to keep Vermont green and beautiful. "We are going to do our part in the fight to preserve the current standards," Donovan said. Only time will tell if emissions will rise, fall, or remain constant in our currently beautiful and green state.