Kinney's Release Delayed

release delayVERMONT - Tyler Kinney, the Colchester detective who was arrested for allegedly stealing from police storage, has been sent to rehab.


Last week, Kinney was arrested after a gun that should have been in the possession of the police department, was found in a drug raid.

Despite federal prosecutors pushing to keep Kinney in jail until another hearing took place, lawyers and a judge agreed to send him to rehab. Prosecutors argued that there is "new and troubling information regarding the danger of people in the community that has surfaced."

Magistrate Judge, John Conroy, called for a hearing to take place on Monday morning. During the hearing, the prosecution and defense lawyers agreed Kinney would be allowed to be released as long as he wears a GPS monitor.

Kinney was sent to rehab on Monday and has been charged with the distribution of drugs and trafficking of a stolen firearm.