James Shufelt: The Quarterback

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shufeltLYNDONVILLE- James Shufelt is not just the single season rushing yard leader in Lyndon Institute history, but he’s also a quarterback with a lot of heart.  He speaks volumes of his teammates, from his offensive linemen to his wide receivers. 



“Our line has been great this season, both offense and defense.  What really helps is that we have so many people that can carry the ball,” said Shufelt. “It just helps when we have the team where five or six players can carry the ball.”

He has led his team in his senior season to the championship game, behind last week’s gritty performance against Fair Haven.  However, this weekend is his final task against Rice Memorial.

“[Rice] didn’t want to hit with us," Shufelt said when talking about their 36-16 victory over Rice earlier this season.  "We were very physical against them and they didn’t like that whatsoever; they’re the type of people that want to go around you if they can.”

On the field, when Shufelt is having a bad day, he often prays to his younger sister Michelle, who lost her battle with Leukemia in 2004. 

“I feel like she’s always there with me, like she always has my back,” said Shufelt.  “She was my best friend growing up, I feel like since that day that she has always been there and has always helped me.”

Whether the season concludes with the storybook ending or not, James Shufelt will be remembered as the hard-nosed Viking he is for years to come.