The 109th Showdown

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rivalry gameLYNDONVILLE - Saturday marked the 109th game in one of the most storied high school football rivalries in the country. St. Johnsbury Academy would face Lyndon Institute in a huge match up, and both schools showed remarkable sprit leading up to Saturday's game. Every year both schools partake in the same traditions that never seems to get old. On Friday, Lyndon held a parade that led to a big bonfire, they also had the student run, along with various other events.

 St. Johnsbury Academy also held a parade with a huge turn out. Jack Sullivan, a sophomore at the Academy, who attended the parade said, "My favorite part is just honestly all of us getting together for this big event having fun and seeing our football team do great. It really brings our school together."

Other students chimed in as well, saying things like "Its something fun for all of us", "I just love being apart of this", and "Its just a fun time to get ready for the game."

The weather for the game was perfect, being warm and dry at Robert K. Field at Lyndon Institute. A massive crowd came out to this game including L.I. alumni Danyelle Shufelt from Florida just to get in on the excitement.

"I flew back from Florida to come to this game so I think that shows how much it means to me and im just a sister," Danyelle said.

It looked promising for the Hilltoppers as quarterback Colton Hudson threw to Jarret Bridges in the corner of the endzone for the first score of the game. Though L.I. would retaliate and not look back after scoring a touchdown of their own. Throughout the first half the Vikings' defense was able to contain the Hilltoppers offense, leading L.I. to score again and again.

At the end of the first half L.I. led the game 42 to 14, with Vikings' player, James Shufelt having five total touchdowns, running for three of them, and throwing for two.

When the second half got under way the Vikings did not let up on the Hilltoppers accumulting nearly 700 yards of total offense.As the Vikings took knee to end the game, the fans rushed the field to celebrate with their team before the clock hit zero with final score of 63 to 29.

After the game James Shufelt commented on his teams preformance saying, "I would have to give all the credit to the lineman today. Those guys were beasts in the trenches. They just ownded this fieldand, they were pushing anyone and anybody."

The 109th game of St. Johnsbury and Lyndon Institute was surely one to remember, and will give L.I. braging rights, until next year when the rivaly continues.