Still No Win for SJA Girls Lax

stjlaxST. JOHNSBURY - It's been a tough start to the season for the St. Johnsbury Academy Girls Lacrosse team who fell to 0-3 on their season after losing 13-2 to Burlington High School at home last night.


The Seahorses took an early lead on the game, scoring their first goal within the first 16 seconds of the match. 

Hilltopper's senior forward, Casey Carbone, tossed in a goal for her team but Burlington kept coming in strong, entering halftime with a score of 5-1.

Carbone managed to get another goal in the second half but that wouldn't be enough to change the game.

Head Coach Joe Fox, who is new to the women's side of the sport, isn't discouraged yet saying, "we've gotten off to a bad start, but were a young team, we had to pull up a lot of players from J.V. and we're small in numbers. It's just taking a while to get the team together and figure out what everyone's biggest strengths are. I think you're going to see rapid improvements in our skills."

Their team is small, with only 28 players in the program, Fox had no choice but to pull up younger players, like Bria Willis who was yesterday's goalkeeper steeping in after varsity starter Taylor Willey was out with a concussion. Fox was pleased with Willis' performance, noting that she and the team's defense made Burlington have to work for their goals.

The Hilltoppers will have another run at a win this Saturday when they take on Essex at 11 A.M.