Lady Engineers Get a Jump Start

woodsvillebballWOODSVILLE, N.H. - Basketball right season is right around the corner and many teams are gearing up.

the Woodsville Lady Engineers varsity team is getting ready for a strong season.

The team's coach, Jim Kinder, believes the team has what it takes to keep up a solid record if they stay steady on the improvement they have made in the first two weeks of practice.

This being his third season with the varsity squad, Kinder believes this year's team has the chemistry to play well. "I would say the chemistry of the team is really solid right now. We've got five seniors coming back from last year. They know the system really well. We also run the floor well. So we're gonna be quick and we're gonna be big"

Tiarra Beatrice is one of the five seniors expected to lead the lady engineers to a winning season. "I've played with most of these girls since fourth grade." Beatrice comments, "We know exactly who to pass to, when to pass."

Playing together for so long has brought the team closer together. "They're pretty tight as a team. These girls are very passionate about basketball ya know, so that goes a long way, because it's a lot of mental game so I think we're gonna have that strength," Coach Kinder says. A lot of the girls on the basketball team also played for the Woodsville girls soccer team.

The Lady Engineers finished last season with a twelve and eight record, and while Coach Kinder is confident on his teams strengths, he continues to install fundamental team values to the group every practice. In the end however, the goal is not just to win, as long as the team improves individually and as a whole.

The Lady Engineers kick off their season Friday at Profile.