Hockey Team Prepping On & Off the Ice

hockey LYNDON - The Lyndon State Club Hockey Team is approaching the halfway point of their season. The team is 3-4 following two losses earlier this month to Daniel Webster and UMASS Lowell.

Despite losing their last two games, Coach Jonathan Davis believes the team is headed in the right direction for a successful season moving forward. However, he has set a few goals for his team. The most important goal, as he explains, is to maintain the overall team dynamic, "One of our goals is to maintain a good team depth, which I think we have right now, and what I mean by maintain is to keep everybody healthy, academically eligible and really dedicated to what it takes to be a team.".

Coach Davis believes the team is best suited if it can feed off of its own strengths, "We can definitely put the puck in the net, we have some very talented players. We've got a lot of sophomores that'll be returning next year so there's a good balance for next year.".

Part of the strong sophomore core is defensive man Kevin Kelleher, who grew up with the sport, as he explains "I've been playing hockey pretty much since I was able to get on the ice with some skates without having it be dangerous, so as soon as I could walk.".

While most of the players on this club team have been on the ice for years, floor hockey is a new concept for most of them. Coach Davis feels it is a great opportunity for students to practice their skills, off the ice, "Well it's a great way for them to stay attached to some aspect  of the game seven days a week.".

While many players cross-train with floor hockey, they still prefer the game on the ice, As Tim Patten explains, while the game is essentially the same, the environment and atmosphere really makes the game more enjoyable, "I prefer ice hockey by far. Just the physical contact of it. If you mess up one shift, it's not like baseball where  you mess up once and you have to sit in the outfield and wait  for you again. You can just work hard and make up for what you did wrong."

Coach Davis feels the team has gotten through the toughest part of the schedule, and they anticipate being able to win at least a game a weekend for the rest of the season.

If you're interested in going out to support the Lyndon Hockey team, check out their sports schedule.