Hunter Safety Course

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hunter courseST. JOHNSBURY - Over 130 people of all ages gathered on Old Bradley Road this past Saturday to complete a hunter safety course. The course teaches residents from all over the Northeast Kingdom that using firearms for hunting doesnt have to be dangerous, as long as its used properly.

As a volunteer, Linwood Smith, who instructs the course, truly loves being able to help people learn how to practice hunting safely. "We're all volunteering to do these hunter safety courses. I've been doing it for almost 30 years, and of course I'm retired now so this is what I love to do.".

 Smith knew at a young age that this is what he wanted to do with his life, and turned his land into a hands on hunter training course for people of all ages. On this course, students can learn everything from knowing how to use a compass to actually handling and firing firearms.

Smith has also donated and contributed a lot to the course, but is always looking for donations by placing donation boxes around town to help with the costs. "The state does give us 22 amo, and they give us 20 gage shotgun and the clay birds. Anything else fired here, Jeff and myself have to pick up the tab.".

Houde says this interactive training course is truly one of a kind, "I don't have another place that I could run  hunter ed class like this and he has allowed us to update his premises if you might call it that and upkeep his ranges make em bigger make em better.".

Not only does Smith volunteer on the course for his love for hunting,  but he does it to help people understand that hunting doesn't have to be dangerous, as long as you know how to handle the equipment properly. " I do it to make hopefully more people aware of firearms that they are not dangerous providing theyre used properly and thats what its all about.".

If you're interested in taking a Hunter Safety Class in St. Johnsbury, you can call Linwood Smith at 802-535-9910.