Roy C. Vance for Assistant Judge

royvanceRoy C. Vance is running for Assistant Judge of Caledonia County for his final term. The incumbent candidate first ran for the position in 1987, and has been on the bench for twenty eight years.   


 In 1993 he began working small claims such as traffic violations, divorces, and family matters. 

Vance's has tried to be an honest and fair assistant. He has always taken himself off of cases he might show biased in, and otherwise tried to make fair rulings. 

To him, the role of assistant judge is important because three heads are better than one on important matters. 


Vance believes he is the best man for the job because of his experience and because of his law degree, which allows him to make rulings on small claims, which his opponents cannot do.


      Vance still thinks his opponents are well qualified for the job and has no animosity towards them. 


"Well, with 28 year of experience I think I should be the top vote getter. I have been for the last few years, but these two candidates have worked hard".


Vance is running against Michael Roosevelt and John S. Hall for the two Assistant judge seats.