State Rep Running Unopposed

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kitty tollAround the NEK -- A Caledonia-Washington District is looking for a state representative in this election season. Catherine “Kitty” Beattie Toll, the Democratic representative of Vermont State House, is running for the single seat of this district unopposed. This district includes Cabot, Danville and Peacham. 


Kitty Toll is the clerk of the Appropriations Committee and the member of Joint Mental Health Oversight as well. Appropriations Committee considers matters relating to appropriating money from the state treasury and Toll is the primary sponsor of 173 bills.

The Danville resident Kitty got a Bachelor’s Degree at Lyndon State College in 1981 and a Master’s Degree in Education at University of Vermont in 1987.

Toll plans to focus on various issues and securing agricultural interests is one of them.

“I just feel our agricultural background is very important and that forestry, farming, and all types of new agricultural ventures are really the key to our future and it preserves our heritage,” Toll said.

Lowering property tax and education costs are other major issues Toll is working on.