Rep. Marty Feltus

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martyVERMONT — Republican Martha “Marty” Feltus is one of the two candidates running for the State House in the Caledonia District 4, including Burke, Lyndon and Sutton. Republican Richard “Dick” Lawrence is another candidate for this position. 


Both Feltus and Lawarence are expected to fulfill the two state representatives seats because no one else is running. 


Feltus was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1946 and graduated from Beloit College with a Bachelor Degree in Wisconsin in 1968. 


Feltus has been a Vermont resident since 1977. She retired from Weidmann Electrical Technology after 27 years of working in management positions. She also has multiple positions in Lyndon community, such as the member of Town of Lyndon Selectboard, Lyndon Planning Commission, corporator of Lyndon Institute and Board Member and past President of the Northeastern Vermont Development Association. 


Feltus’s focus on health care and education cost are similar to Republican candidate Dick Lawrence. She wants to know how the Education system runs so it can determine if the money is going in a right direction.  


“We spend more than any other states do in terms of public education per child. There are geographical reasons for that,” Feltus said. 


Feltus also mentioned, “However, there is a very high dollar amount that we need to determine if there is any other ways to reduce it. To find the solution, I think we need a more in-depth study of exactly where that money goes, how it is spend and other ways of doing many of the items that we do.”