Joe Benning Running for State Senate

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joe benningVERMONT– Incumbent Joe Benning is running for State Senate, again. He is seeking out his third term representing Caledonia County.

 Benning believes that finding a way to pay for health care in Vermont is the most important issue that he can work on for the coming year.

The Shumlin Administration proposed a single-payer health care model that could have a 5 billion dollar price tag. This price tag would double the size of the state’s budget. Benning thinks that the state is taking on more than it can handle with such an expensive health care plan.

Benning wants to challenge the Senate Democratic Majority in order to pursue different health care systems. Benning said, “We have the ability to communicate with other states and develop a regional system, where you are inviting all kinds of insurance companies into that region in order to keep competition in place. Which in turn keeps the cost down.”

Benning also believes that the legislature should focus on other ways that they will be able to be more efficient with their money.

Polls open on Novmeber 4th; Jane Kitchel and Mike Heath are also running.