Mike Heath Runs For Senate

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Mike HeathST. JOHNSBURY-The owner of Rumuntos in St. Johnsbury wants to be a state senator for Caledonia County.

Mike Heath, of Peachem, is small business owner with big dreams for Vermont. His biggest goal is take funds away from out of state industries by using local resources instead.
"We could use those funds to get our farms going again and get the farmers back in business  and kinda stick it to the  grocery manufactures" says Heath. "We would all be healthier in the process and there would be more money in the local economy, it wouldn't be shipped out of state through Walmart and Price Chopper and all the super markets. It's a win win for the state and I think that's the direction we need to move in ."

Of course that isn't all he wants to accomplish. As a small business owner Heath understand how frustrating state paperwork can be, and wants to simplify the process so that small businesses can flourish. Mike is also a father of two, who finds himself concerned by how little funding public schools receive. Universal health care, the unemployment rate, and minimum wage are other issues Heath plans on improving if elected.

Polls open on November 4th; Jane Kitchel and Joe Benning are also running.