Jane Kitchel for Senate

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KitchelCALEDONIA DISTRICT - Senator Jane Kitchel is an incumbent, who is running for Senator for the District of Caledonia. She been in the senate since 2004 and has over 40 years of public serivce experience under her belt.  

 Kitchel believes that this is a very important election season coming up. With three other canditates running for the same position, including Mike Heath and Joe Benning, it will be a close race. 

Public education and the impact it is having on property taxes is one of her top priorities that she wants to focus on if re-elected. She believes that this is a big concern to many Vermonters. 

However, the budgets are what she really hopes to focus on.

"I believe this is going to be another difficult year from a budget perspective. I have served the last two terms as the chair of Senate appropriations committee, so dealing with the states budgetary health, getting a balanced budget, setting priorities, and making the decisions that ultimatley have been made within the fiscal realities of the state are going to be first and for-most."

If re-elected, Kitchel wants to improve on holding people accountable for their own actions. 

Election day is November 4th; Incumbent Joe Benning and Mike Heath are also running.