Scott Wins Important Seat

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Scott wins lt. GovMONTPELIER - Republican Phil Scott will remain the Lieutenant Governor of Vermont for the next two years.

In what was the only major victory for the GOP, Scott will continue to work along side Governor Peter Shumlin due to past success and unique campaigning.

 "I have always maintained that you leave your partisan stripes aside and you do what's best for your constituents, and in my case, that's Vermonters," said Scott before the re-election was decided.

In recent months, Scott has traveled all across Vermont on his bicycle along side his number 14 stock car (see here), maintaining his moderate approach to Vermont politics.

"I've never condoned negative campaigning, I have always thought you should run on your own attributes," said Scott.

His Democratic opposition, Cassandra Gekas, ran her first campaign with no regrets, saying the campaign was a great experience.

The focus, however, remains on the Republican Lt. Governor and his role in the Democratic state. Long after Randy Brock conceded to Peter Shumlin in the Governor's race, Phil Scott concluded the Republican celebration on a positive note.

"There are some who have implied that the Vermont Republican Party has become irrelevant, but tonight first and foremost, I need to say this, it's a democracy. Every single voice is important, and no voice is irrelevant," Scott said.