Caledonia 4 State Reps on the Ballot

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caledonia 4LYNDONVILLE- On today's ballot, there are four specific candidates running for State Representative from Calendonia 4. The candidates have been busy putting up signs all over town during the past couple of weeks, speaking with the community and sharing their thoughts and ideas with others.

All of the candidates have specific areas that they have knowledge and background in, and others that they lack.

 Marty Feltus for example, who is a part of Northeastern Vermont Development Associations, knows her strong suit is natural resources and economic development. "I think economic development and energy are the ares that I have more information to help people with," says Feltus confidently. Although Feltus is interested in education and health care, her opponent Celeste Girrell has more knowledge in that area.

"I am interested in the health care initiative and I want to make sure that there's a strong clear voice and that some good decisions are made regarding how that all is going to be implemented in Vermont," said Girrell. Their other opponent, Dick Lawrence, has some experience under his belt as he is running for his fifth term. Although his plans but not be as big as his Feltus and Girrell, his views are as strong as ever.

"I'm very fond of the idea that agriculture is what helped make the state of Vermont and I would like to be able to continue seeing a presence of agriculture in Vermont. As a dairy farmer for twenty-eight years, I have my hands on experience of that so I understand what I think is important to Vermont and I think the agriculture part of Vermont is very important," said Lawrence.

The one feeling they all expressed was the importance of voting, and they hope that all members of Sutton, Burke and Lyndon head out to the polls today. All three candidates will be anxiously awaiting the results tonight, but until then, all they can do is sit back and wait.