State Auditor Candidates Preview

auditorAROUND THE NEK - The race for state auditor is heating up, seeing as Vermont's current state auditor Tom Salmon chose to not run for re-election. The candidates running for the vacant position are Doug Hoffer and Vince Illuzzi.

Hoffer is a man that's all about the numbers. A former contractor for the auditor's office, Hoffer is trying to emphasize wiser statewide spending, "What do we think collectively is the likelihood of finding some savings there? And if we think going in, then we don't know. Then, is that appropriate then to spend $100,000 on a project? So, if we know that there's likely to be some savings, that's worth pursuing. But if we're uncertain, so we always have to ask the question. That's the point.". These qualities and more are what makes Hoffer believe that he is the right man for the job, he explains, "I bring some things to the job that may not be unique, but as a package I think it makes me uniquely qualified. i have a talent for identifying and asking tough questions, i have a desire to always produce evidence based findings I will always let the facts speak for themselves, I will never go beyond the facts. And I also enjoy challenging conventional wisdom, which can get you in trouble sometimes but it has to be done.".

 Vince Illuzzi is a man with a rich political background. Illuzzi served as a state senator for 32 years, and as the state attorney for Essex County. Familiarity with state government is what Illuzzi feels gives him a distinct advantage, "After 32 years of serving in the Vermont legislature, I helped to create the programs, I helped to fund the programs, and I know what the expectations are, at least from the perspective of the 180 people who created them.". 

If elected, Illuzzi plans to target programs that he believes are a waste of money, he explains, "I would target those areas where I see inefficiency or failure, or essentially a waste of taxpayer money, try to figure out what the root causes are, if there are any common themes, and then make recommendations to the agencies, departments, to the legislature, and to the administration on how those pitfalls can be avoided in the future.".