Extended Vince Illuzzi Interview

LYNDON - Vince Illuzzi sat down with News 7 reporter, Phil Alexander, in the Lyndon State College Library to talk about his campaign and and opponents for the State Auditor position.

Illuzzi response to Doug Hoffer's statement that he has been know to improperly record meetings and documents.

Phil Alexander asked the candidate how the debates with opponent Doug Hoffer went. He answers with how the debates gave an opportunity to highlight the roles of State Auditor.

Vince Illuzzi states his advantage in experience compared to Doug Hoffer.

Illuzzi defends the current State Auditor Tom Salmon from recent criticism.

Illuzzi reaches his most important statement regardling the role of State Auditor and the traits he believes are necessary at the position.

Vince Illuzzi concludes with his decision to rule for State Auditor and what he will bring to the position if elected.