Kasich in Plymouth

KasichPLYMOUTH- After earning just under two-percent of the vote in Monday's Iowa Caucus, Republican Presidential Candidate John Kasich hosted a town hall meeting in Plymouth, New Hampshire on Tuesday night. 


"We've taken a beating because they've spent so much money against us, but we feel our people are going to come out of here in a really strong position, because of our ground game, our town halls, the positive message, we feel very good about it."

The Kasich Team was surprised by the turnout at the event, as over 100 people showed up to hear what the candidate had to say.  The team had only expected to see roughly 40.

During the hour and a half meeting, Kasich discussed several political issues such as the Veterans Association, growing the economy, and immigration.

"For the eleven and a half million people that came here illegally, if they haven't committed a crime since they've been here, their going to have to pay a fine and back taxes. They're going to have to do things and then they can have a path to legalization."

Although he would not deport people in the country illegally, Kasich did mention that he does not support "sanctuary cities," where illegal immigrants can be sheltered.

On top of his ideas to solve these issues, Kasich described why he believes he is best suited to become the President.

"I'm not interested in politics, I'm not interested in being a big shot. I'm only doing this for one reason. Because I think I know how to put the teams together, with the vision, to get the country fixed."

Kasich ended the night telling the crowd that the country is facing "serious problems," but they are "not hard to fix."

The Governor continues his campaign throughout New Hampshire this week; starting with voters in Manchester and Derry later today.