NEK Politicians Weigh In On Debates

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presdebaterecapNORTHEAST KINGDOM - Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama had their second presidential debate in a town hall styled setting. They both answered many questions, and were able to get their jabs at each other in.

Romney attacked Obama about the way he dealt with the Libya crisis, and the president attacked back at Romney with criticism about tax cuts of the middle class. Many say that Romney won the first debate between the two, but Obama was back on his game this time. Multiple polls say that Obama won this debate. The main negative focus on Romney was that he was unclear at times and was unable to produce specific details, where as the president was very direct and able to get his message across.

One of the main topics was the nation's economy, and a few local politicians had a lot to say about what they saw. "Its been frustrating  for people the undecided voters that I know who want to hear about the specifics of governor Romney's tax plan how he's gonna exactly shave 5 trillion dollars off the deficit," Democrat Michelle Fay says. "What really clinched it was president obamas closing comments I feel like he really drew a strong distinction between his policies and the policies of governor Romney's." On the Republican side, Martha Feltus says this about Romney, "I think his economic policies probably need to be fleshed out a little more I would hope that if he were elected and there is still a republican congress one would think that they might be able to get more work done perhaps ." Feltus goes on to say, "In this occasions I think that Obama was more effective than Romney. I think that Romney had a few vague statements."

With only 20 more days until election day, the candidates are scrabbling to get their point across to the public. The third and final presidential debate will be on the 22d of this moth at Lynn University in Florida at 9 pm, and will be moderated by Bob Shieffer.