Welch Wins in Landslide

welch winsBURLINGTON - It's two more years for Incumbent Democratic Congressman Peter Welch after a landslide victory in last night's election.

Welch ended the night with 64 percent of the vote over Republican opponent Mark Donka.

After a rough night for Democrats nationally, Welch's optimism still looks ahead to facing the challenges presented on the national scale.

"Look, we got challenges, but this is not the great depression, this is not the civil war, this is not world war two, and why should any of us be complaining because things are challenging, " he said.

The main issue of the past 6 years has been political turmoil in Washington, leaving much of the country frustrated that both parties cannot get along or get any problems facing the country solved. Welch aims to take a more local approach to partisan politics.

"In the Vermont approach, in the Vermont ethic, is that we find common ground so that we can make progress together," he said.

Apart from trying to make Congress work together again Welch would also like to start work on improving the economy for the middle class. Congressman Welch stated that people in the middle class "ought to have a shot in opportunity" when it comes to the economy.

Representative Welch also received overwhelming support from his colleagues Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy.

Senator Sanders said, "If Washington is not going to do what needs to be done then it has to be done, then it has to be done on the statewide level. And in my view there is no state in the country better positioned to move this country in a different direction than the small state of Vermont."