Lt. Governor Race

  • Print raceVERMONT- The Lieutenant Government Race is almost done for this election season and three candidates, incumbent Republican Phil Scott, Progressive/Democratic Dean Corren and Marina Brown of the Liberty Union, are running for this position. 




According to the Vermont Constitution, the Lieutenant Governor has three statutory obligations, which are (1) standing in for the Governor when the Governor is out of state; (2) presiding over the Senate; and (3) casting a tie-breaking vote in the Senate if necessary. 


Incumbent Republican Phil Scott is running for this position for the second time. He was elected Vermont's Lt. Governor in 2010 after serving as Vice Chair of the Transportation Committee and Chair of the Institutions Committee for five terms in Washington County. Scott did several things when he served as Lt. Governor, such as founded the Wheels for Warmth program, spearheaded the effort to re-energize Green Up Day, and started the "Buy Local" campaign. If re-elected, Scott will continue working on strengthening the economy and creating jobs, getting the health care reform right, and working on the property tax reform.


Progressive/Democratic Dean Corren is seeking to the Lt. Governor position as well as Marina Brown of the Liberty Union. Corren has stated critical points in healthcare, energy, the environment, and the economy. Corren launched a new campaign, which is about "Everybody In, Nobody Out, and No Going Back." As Chair of the Burlington Electric Commission, Corren works on investing the local efficiency with local jobs and less export of money for energy. What's more, Corren continues working on lowering the residential property tax and stop taxing workers' earned income at higher rates than investment income. 


Liberty Union candidate Marina Brown focuses on health care, education, environment, and power serves. She said in Lieutenant Governor debate with the other two challengers that Vermont should pay for education through a steep, progressive income tax.