Caledonia Sheriff Race

sheriffSt. Johnsbury- Daniele Kostruba and Incumbent Dean Shatney are the only two candidates left in the race to become the Caledonia County Sheriff. Independent candidate Joel Pierce has dropped out of the race.



Pierce said he is no longer interested in becoming the Sheriff of Caledonia County. Pierce may run again in the future, but for now he would prefer to develop his skills further as a police officer.


With Pierce withdrawing from the race, Dean Shatney and Daniele Kostruba are now left to fight for the position of Sheriff. 


Incumbent Dean Shatney has held the position of Sheriff for around three years now. During those three years, he has been focusing on extending patrol hours.


Shatney says he hopes to eventually have 24/7 operations in the sheriff department.


Daniele Kostruba believes the department needs to work with other agencies rather than have the around the clock operation. She believes that creating a task force will help crack down on some of the problems that are around Caledonia County.


If Kostruba is elected, she would be the first female sheriff of Caledonia County.


The winner of the election will take office on February 1st.