Marty Feltus for State Rep.

martyAROUND THE NEK - Republican Incumbent Martha "Marty" Feltus looks to win one of the two seats for State Representative in Caledonia District Four.


 There are only two candidates running for the position. The other candidate running is another incumbent, Republican Richard "Dick" Lawrence. Feltus first ran in 2012 for State Representative and was elected to the position. She took over on January 9th, 2013.


Marty Feltus became part of the National Resource and Energy Committee when she was elected in 2013. She believes that energy should be one of her main focuses during this upcoming term. 


A couple of Feltus' other plans for the next term are; working on health care and the lowering education cost. Feltus believes that the education system needs to be looked at. She said she wants to take a deeper look into how our school system is run and determine if money is going to the right places. Feltus said there could be improvements to the educational system.