Governor's Race

generic election thumbnailNORTHEAST KINGDOM- The race for governor is almost at the finish line, with three candidates pulling hard through the last leg. The three candidates running for Governor are Incumbent Peter Shumlin, Republican candidate Scott Milne and Liberatarian candidate Dan Feliciano.


 Incumbent Democrat Peter Shumlin is up for re-election this year. Shumlin was first elected as Governor in 2010, and was then re-elected in 2012. Since taking office, he has helped bring the state out of the devastation of Irene, pushed for universal health care through Vermont Health Connect, and helped create jobs for Vermonters. If re-elected, he hopes to nourish the state's economy, continue his work with health care and job creation, build on the state's renewable energy projects, and resolve the state’s opiate addiction problems. 


Republican Scott Milne is a fifth generation Vermonter who wants to make a big difference if elected. He took over his mother's travel agency, Milne Travel American Express, in the early 2000’s. Milne has then made it into the successful company it is today, despite the economic pressures that were put on the travel agency business by the internet. Scott has no previous political experience, but if elected, he hopes to create a balanced and practical government in Vermont that will promote local decision making. He also focuses on finding support in the economy and lowering school and property taxes. Milne also hopes to find a solution to health care that isn’t Vermont Health Connect. 


Libertarian candidate Dan Feliciano also disagrees with the Governor's health care plans. Feliciano is a U.S. Navy Veteran, who now specializes in business turn-around and strategics as he helps multiple business and government agencies. Feliciano, like Milne, has no past political experiences, but plans to expand the education system, cut access spending, and lower taxes, along with his plans to reform single payer health care.