Governor's Race

thumbnailtemplate copyVERMONT- It was a close race throughout the night for Governor and there is still no decision on who will be the Vermont Governor over the next two years.



 With nearly all the votes tallied, polls currently indicate Governor Shumlin receiving just over 46.4 percent of the votes and Republican gubernatorial Scott Milne garnering about 45 percent.

Under Vermont's Constitution, candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Treasurer are all required to collect more than 50 percent of the votes in the November election or the race is decided by the legislature when it meets in January.   

Governor Peter Shumlin has said, "We've taken a close look at the numbers. While I will await final counts and further statements from Scott Milne, it is clear we are ahead and I'm confident that I've received the most votes."

In 2010, Republican Brian Dubie trailed Gov. Peter Shumlin 47.7% to 49.5%, but did not contest the election in the legislature. This allows the winner with the majority of the votes to build an administration in November and December.

Milne was scheduled to have a press briefing this morning, but cancelled and elected to issue a statement instead saying, "What is clear is that the majority of Vermonters do not agree with the path that we are on. I am incredibly greatful to all the Vemronter's who cast their ballots on my behalf yesterday. I owe it to my supporters and all Vermonters to see the totals before we make any further statements."

Milne is waiting for the final numbers before making his next decision. He could ask for a recount, leave it up to the legislature, or concede to Gov. Shumlin-- which was exactly the scenario that occurred four years ago.