Lt. Governor Results

phil scottVERMONT-  Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott will be serving his third term in the Lieutenant Governor's Office.


Last night as the votes came in, Scott and the Republicans felt confident that he would serve another term. Once the votes had been counted, the Lieutenant Governor had 62% of the votes. His opponent, Dean Corren of the Vermont Progressive Party, had 36% of the votes, while Librety Union Party Marina Brown only received two percent.

Dean Corren gave his concession speech around 10 p.m. He said, "I'm proud of the campaign, I'm proud of everyone involved and everything we did in it far more than I could imagined when we started out. I'm proud of what we said and how we said it."

When Dean was asked if he would run again his answer was, "Don't know."

As Lieutenant Governor, Phil Scott's duties will entail standing in for the Governor when necessary, presiding over Senate, and casting a tie-breaking vote if necessary in the Senate.

Scott believes that the legislators top priorities need to be growing Vermont's economy and making families more secure. In the past three years, 8,500 people have dropped out of Vermont's workforce. The Lieutenant Governor promotes the "Buy Local" campaign as much as he can and believes that his initiative will help Vermonter's. He also launched the "Vermont Everyday Jobs" initiative, where he works in Vermonter's shoes to see what they have to deal with every day.

In his victory speech, he talked about how he was accused of being like a farmer. His response? "Guilty as charged." Scott said, "Sure, I'm nobody special and inarticulate, probably... public speaking isn't one of my natural strenghts, and uh, simple and like a farmer... if simple equates honest and easy to understand, I'll take that. Am I like a farmer? I hope so, because I hold those folks in highest regards. Some of the brightest and most sincere, best business people I know are or were farmers." 

Along with winning a third term as Lieutenant Governor, you can find Scott on the race track Thursday nights during the summer. He drives the number 14 late model at Thunder Road Internation Speedway. Phil Scott has raced at the track for 22 years and has been a two time champion at the track. In 2013, he won a race as acting Governor which made him the first acting Governor in United States history to win a stock car race.

Like the Lieutenant Governor doesn't already have enough on his plate, he also co-owns Dubois Construction in Middlesex.

Phil Scott will spend the next two years as Lieutenant Governor. As of right now, he has no plans of running for Vermont's top office in 2016.