When A Scammer Calls

phonescamNEW HAMPSHIRE- Police have reported a phone scam crossing Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont that has collected over hundreds of thousands dollars.New Hampshire State Police believe the scammers are focusing mostly on the elderly, however everyone is at risk.

 They explained the scammers would call a household and tell the person they won the lottery or another large prize, but the only way they could collect it was to transfer money first.

The caller was asking the money to be wired, in cash or even on a prepaid cash card. Police  emphasize that a sweepstake will never require a collection fee, also that you should never give out personal information [social security number, bank account numbers, etc.] to a stranger.

If you receive a call similar to this, or know of someone who does, please give all information to New Hampshire State police, you can reach them at (603) 223-8813.