Burke Mountain Hotel Opens

burkemountainhotelAROUND THE NEK- Residents and tourists are excited now that the doors are open at the Burke Mountain Resort's hotel and conference center.

"It's just kind of like that small town atmosphere, but this hotel brings that kind of big town feel," says Jess Sechler, the marketing manager at Burke Mountain Hotel.

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Arts in The NEK

artsinnekAROUND THE NEK - The art room at the Lyndon Town School is messy and disheveled after a group of students file out.

At the counter near the back left corner of the room, a copy of the Caledonian-Record is splayed out, covered in all sorts of paints and glue. A bucket of dirty rinse water for paintbrushes sits next to a sink, in which there is a water bottle for drinking and a spray bottle for cleaning the tables.

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Sustainable Farms

Sustainable FarmAround the NEK- In the quest for making Vermont a greener place, two farms are working to make their operations as sustainable as possible. Jasper Hill Farm and Pete's Greens Organic Farm are working with VT 99 Meats to bring in more business to the area and also help to keep the earth as heath as they can.

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Help Your Dogs Beat the Heat

DogstuffLITTLETON- The warmer weather is fast approaching, which means it's time to get outside and enjoy some of the activities that accompany warmer weather, such as spending time with your beloved pets.

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Protecting the Public

berick 2PEACHAM-Saving property by day, and saving lives by night is a normal day at the office for Peacham Fire Chief Jeff Berwick. Berwick owns an insurance agency, protecting people's property in damaging situations. "Sometimes I wear two hats when I go out on a call," he said.

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State Considering Big Buy

DAMSVERMONT- Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin has created a special "task force," whose members are assigned to research whether or not the state should purchase 13 hydroelectric dams along the Deerfield and Connecticut Rivers.

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VSP Launches Missing Person Website

missingpeopleVermont-The Vermont state police recently created a missing persons website, which has information regarding all the current people who have gone missing in the Green Mountain state.  The website, which was launched in March, is to help police search for these missing people.

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Concerns for Legalizing Marijuana

ChiefHoudeAROUND THE NEK- Legalization of marijuana is on the rise throughout the United States. In Vermont, an amended version of S.241, which had the purposed of legalizing marijuana, was passed with a vote of 6-5, but local law enforcement officials say there is still more that needs to be looked at before legalizing the drug.

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Green Up Day Ahead

Greeen up dayVermont- On Sunday, May 7th it is Green Up Vermont Day, and that means that people accost the state are going to be heeding out and cleaning up the sides of the read the mark the Green Mountain State that much more like its name.

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CPR Training

cpr training AROUND THE NEK- Finding a CPR class isn't not hard to do, Lyndon rescue and Calex both have monthly classes to help residence be prepared for emergency situations. Being ready and knowledgeable about medical emergency can make the difference between life and death.

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NEK Burglary Rate Down

adtdoneNortheast Kingdom- The rates of Burglaries in Northeast Kingdom communities have gone down substantially over the last two years. According to the Saint Johnsbury police department, the number of burglaries that they responded to last year was 60, which is almost half of what they responded to in 2014.


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Vermonters Agree to GMO labeling Law

gmolabelingNortheast Kingdom-On July 1st 2016 Vermonters will be more educated about what’s in their food. The GMO Labeling Law goes into full effect, meaning that all food that is made using Genetically Modified organisms will be labeled.

¨Vermonters have long supported labeling, our fellow Americans agree, and Congress should do the same,” said Senator Patrick Leahy after General Mills recently announced it would voluntarily label it´s products. ¨We in Vermont are proud that our state has been the catalyst that is moving us toward a uniform national standard.”

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The Reward of Giving Back to Animals

dog Orleans- Although, Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter is just outside the Northeast Kingdom their volunteers help animals from all around Vermont.  In 2015, Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter adopted out 314 cats and dogs.  They hope to improve this number in 2016.

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Spring Home Buying

dhhdhdhhdhdAround the NEK- The seasons are changing and the spring isn't the only season upon us. Springtime is also known as spring selling season for buying and selling homes.

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Airport Construction Moving Forward

nekairportAROUND THE NEK- Despite the federal investigation surrounding Q-Burke Resort, the Northeast Kingdom International Airport is still planning on-going construction. Questions were raised following the investigation, due to an agreement between the resort and the airport.

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Phil Scott Talks Vermont Issues

scottAROUND THE NEK- With a little over three months until Vermont's State Primary, Gubernatorial candidates are spreading their campaigns across all 14 counties, including Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott who is running for the Republican nomination.

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Help Wanted: Protect the Youth

DCFAround the NEK- Due to an increase in children who have been involved in court related issues, the Department of Children and Families are seeking guardians to help serve as advocates for abused, neglected or at risk youth currently living in Caledonia County.

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Golf In The NEK

golfAROUND THE NEK - Golf is a sport for the young and the old. you can start early and play your entire life. Golf courses around the area are looking forward to this year’s season, due to a mild winter course conditions are looking good.  Just like snowboarders and skiers in the summer wait for the first snowfall. Golfers in the Vermont winters are itching for the snow to melt and the courses to open so they may begin their season.

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Act 46 Affects Peacham

Act 46What schools may be merged together because of act 46 were discussed the other night. Schools include K-8th grade Walden, Peacham, Barnet, and Waterford. Other talks included K-12th grade schools Danville, Cabot, and Twinfield.

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Trauma in the Classroom

classroomAROUND THE NEK - College students who have served in the military aren’t at all different from students who haven’t; they want to go further in their life by attending college. However, there could be a chance that some student veterans can’t let go of what they experienced in their service, and are suffering because of it. That is the effect of post traumatic stress disorder.

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Emergency Calls Across Vermont

911signAround the NEK- In cases of emergency, we have always been taught to call 9-1-1, and with this week being National Emergency Telecommunications week, we took a look at how 9-1-1 calls are handled across Vermont.

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Prescription Drug Prices

drugsthumbAROUND THE NEK- The United States is known to have the highest prices for prescription drugs, which has become a problem for many Americans. The Health Care Committee in Vermont is looking for ways to lower those prescription costs.

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Trout Season

Fish StalkingAROUND THE NEK- The second Saturday in April could be considered a holiday for many people in Vermont. This marks the start of the trout-fishing season.

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Local Food Goals

New England 50 by 60AROUND THE NEK-Buying local goods has been issue in Vermont for a long time. The New England Food Vision is striving to make buying local easier for consumer as well as the producer.

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Barnet Parking Sparks Controversy

ParkingcontroveryBarnet- Town Residents and town officials  simply can’t agree on one thing in the Barnet, and that’s the parking situation along Monument Circle. There are currently three roads that meet all at the same spot; Anderson street, Church street, and Monument circle.

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What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30


Teacher Appreciation Week
It is Teacher Appreciation, which means it's time for students to thank their teachers for all of the lessons in and out of the classroom that are taught by our masters of education.

Too Many To Stand Under The Umbrella
Due to a false capacity sign at the St. Johnsbury Welcome Center, the Umbrella Organization bit off a little more than they could chew with their first annual Spring Gala.

Preparing for Prom
It's officially prom season here in the Northeast Kingdom, and Hope is looking to outfit local ladies with the dresses to bring the house down.