Brewery Breaking Records

St J Brewery GREENSBORO- The Northeast Kingdom, known for years for its beautiful fall scenery and harsh winter months, can now lay claim to another fame. According to Ratebeer, Hill Farmstead Brewery based out of Greensboro has been named the best place in the world to get a beer for three out of the last four years.

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Labeling of GMO's

gmo update

AROUND THE NEK- The mandatory labeling of genetically modified organisms has been discussed for awhile in the state. Now Act 120 is set to take affect July 1st possibly having a larger impact on Vermonters than what meets the eye.

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A Voter's Guide to the GOP Primaries


Around the Northeast Kingdom - The first day of March also marks the first day of a new stage of the presidential election cycle.

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VSC Votes for Tuition Increase

tuitionincreaseJOHNSON- The Vermont State College Board of Trustees voted this weekend to increase tuition at many of the state colleges.

For the past ten years, the board raised tuition members of the board say they thought the colleges were financially in a good place. The chancellor, leadership and college presidents said that it was untenable for next year.

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Fishing for Mercury

MERC THUMBNORTHEAST KINGDOM – Governor Peter Shumlin is continuing his work on bettering the environment in the Green Mountain State.  On Tuesday, Shumlin spoke at the state house continuing his push to divest from coal and other fossil fuels.

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Curtailing Colds and Coughs

SICKKKKLYNDON- December through February is historically the time when many start sniffling, coughing, and sneezing. However, you might be surprised where germs like to hide, especially in schools.   

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Bag Balm Expansion

BagBalmExpansiontumbnailLYNDONVILLE - In Lyndonville Bag Balm has served the Northeast Kingdom for over one hundred years. Now the company has started the next chapter in it's history, which is to reach the rest of the country. The expansion is because of their new marketing scheme and addition of more products.


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Winter Woes for NEK Businesses

Willoburke HotelNORTHEAST KINGDOM- The lack of snow and freezing temperatures has left a lot of residents in the Northeast Kingdom happy this winter season.  However, not all are excited about the change to warmer weather, including those who rely on the cold to bring steady income to their businesses.

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H.O.P.E.'s 2nd Annual Sweetheart Ball

SweetheartLYNDONVILLE - Everyone may be celebrating Valentine's Day on the 14th, but one local organization is celebrating the day before.The organization, Helping Other People Everyday, is hosting their second annual Sweetheart Ball Saturday, February 13th to celebrate the holiday and a good cause.

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Discussing Flight Safety

EAA Lyndon- Members of the Experimental Aircraft Association talk about the importances of being safe when flying. The Monday night meeting was the first of three flight safety classes where they also speak about some of the myths concerning flying.

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Local Student Gives Back

NicaraguaPeacham-A student at Peacham Elementary School held a fundraiser to raise money for the arts and music program in Nicaragua. Willa Kantrowitz, a third grader at the school, goes down to Nicaragua every three years for an opportunity that most students don't get.

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Battling Opiate Addiction

 katiebollmandoneAround the NEK - After a seven year battle with opiate addiction, 25-year-old Katie Bollman has now been sober for seven months. Amidst the Shumlin Administration's on-going conversation about what they call an "opiate crisis" in Vermont, this is the inside story of a recovering user. 



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The Festival Of Lights

Festival of lights BARNET- With the holiday season getting closer people are stringing lights up on their houses and Christmas trees. However, this past Friday at the Milarepa Center, Buddhists used light offerings to relieve the pain of those suffering.

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Lyndon State Investing In Solar Array

SolarArray7-12LYNDONVILLE- In order to cut their electricity bill, Lyndon State College is looking into investing in a solar array that is said to generate about five hundred kilowatt hours. The college had bids from several companies. After considering all of the bids, Lyndon chose the company Sun Edison, based out of California instead of a locally run one. However, according to Vermont Senator Joe Benning, the company just fit the needs of the school better than the other options.

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Partnership Helps Businesses Go Green


BRUHEAST HAVEN – The Vermont Environmental Green Business Partnership was created in 1988, and has grown to serve dozens of companies in all different industries across the state. The partnership's mission is to foster improved environmental performance, as well as helping the businesses they serve succeed.

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Veteran's Day in the NEK

plaqueNORTHEAST KINGDOM – Despite overcast weather, community members from all over the Northeast Kingdom came out to celebrate Veteran's Day. The day brought together people who served our country as well as community members who support them.

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A Sad Time of Year

SADNORTHEAST KINGDOM- As the cold weather and snow approaches, those around the Northeast Kingdom are preparing for the physical conditions of winter, but how many are prepared for the toll winter may take on their mental well-being?  Now that the the days are getting shorter and the nights are much longer, many residents may be experiencing symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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Conte Refuge Update

contirefugethumbnailThe Department of Fish and Wildlife is now in the process of revising their draft plan, which will be used to manage the Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge for the next 15 years.


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PeakCM Request Letters

BURKE - The following documents were provided to News7 by PeakCM President Jerry Davis.




Barnet School Implements Behavioral Program

Barnet -- In classrooms at the Barnet Elementary School, good behavior is measured by ping-pong balls

Students who display positive behavior and fulfill so-called "bark expectations" are awarded small plastic balls, which are then dropped into a clear cylindrical tube near the main entrance. When the tube is full, students may earn such incentives as ice cream or an extra recess period.


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A Patch of Red in a Sea of Blue

statethumbfinalAROUND THE KINGDOM - 
It’s no secret that Vermont is a quirky state. It’s people (and especially their politics) make it a unique place to live. The state has the distinction of being only one of four states to join the Union as an established sovereign state in 1791, but even today, Vermont’s politics are worth a closer look.

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Richters Pleas Out

RichtersST. JOHNSBURY- A 38-year-old Hardwick man accused of murdering his girlfriend’s disabled 13-year old son accepted a plea deal early Wednesday morning in Caledonia County Court in St. Johnsbury. Walter Richters pled guilty to an amended charge of manslaughter.

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Living Off the Grid

Off The GridBARNET – If you're looking to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the age of modern technology, look no further than Evan Perkins' house.


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Derby Walmart Groundbreaking Recalls Littleton Legacy

walmartDERBY-- A giant is coming to town.

Since the initial announcement was made in 2005 that the multinational retail corporation Walmart had been eyeing a location in Derby, supporters and detractors from across the Northeast Kingdom have risen from the woodwork to make their voices heard. On October 20, after a decade of discussion, debate and a number of twists and turns, the corporation broke ground for their new location in a ceremony that included such speakers as Governor Peter Shumlin.


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Tackling Hunger

hungerbowlNEWPORT- The third annual HungerBowl took place in Newport as a way to benefit the Northeast Kingdom Community Action. Over the weekend, Flag football teams came from all over Vermont to play in Garden Park. In order to play in this tournament, each team had to pay a $100 entry and was asked to donate at least two canned items. The two canned items would go to NEKCA food shelf where it would help those who need assistance.

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What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30

Town Meeting Day Preview 

As Town Meeting Day approaches the Town of St. Johnsbury could see an uptick in the general budget for next year. 

St. Johnsbury Academy got there art award

St.Johnsbury Academy students have been awarded with their art work and will be going to Brattleboro for their competition Saturday. 

National Caregivers Day 

Visited the Norris Cotton Cancer to talk with some employees regarding National Caregivers Day.