Wheelock Town Hall Upgrades

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wheelock town hall

WHEELOCK - Lyndon Institute students have been helping with construction at the Wheelock Town Hall in.

In January, LI students began coming every Thursday morning for their wood-shop class to help with renovations. The students come for about an hour every Tuesday morning. One of their big projects was to paint the entire ceiling of the main level. They have started to paint the walls of the main level as well. Downstairs by the town clerks office they have repurposed a closet, which will now be used to help organize votes on town meeting day. They have also refurbished the boiler downstairs. The next project they would like to complete, is to sand and polish the wooden floors of the main level.

Even though these students only show up for an hours worth of work each week, this particular hour has made a significant difference in the structure of the building. The students are dedicated to reconstructing the town hall and the town clerk is taking notice.

"They are building closets for us, so we can properly store our materials. They have hung legal fire extinguishers in the right places, at the right height to code. They have done repairs to the damages to our ceiling and woodwork, that were caused when we had some temporary shoring put in to hold the roof up," said Wheelock Town Clerk, Carol Rossi.

Lyndon Institute does not plan on continuing any renovations come Summer break, but coming back sometime in the future has not been ruled out yet.