Drug Take Back Day

drug take backSAINT JOHNSBURY - This Saturday the Caledonia County Sherrifs Office will be taking back unused perscription drugs.

Over the last four take back days the Drug Enforcement Administration has taken over 774 tons of medication. According to the DEA, last year a record was set of over 276 tons were turned in.

 This event is held to to keep excess perscription drugs out of homes and into the wrong hands. Lutient Michael Henry says sometimes when these drugs endup on the street, the owners dont realize they're stolen "Well I think the number one problem that we have is that, the prescription drugs that are on the street are usually taken by family members, and persons that are known to other people. They take them out of medicine cabinets, right off the kitchen table. People when they're done using their prescriptions they are not aware that they're missing."

You can drop off these prescriptions from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and in Littleton at the transfer station.



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