Old Artifacts Looking for New Home

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StJ Historical

ST. JOHNSBURY - The St. Johnsbury Historical and Heritage Center is attempting to find new locations for some of their artifacts. For years, the Fairbanks Museum has housed and displayed some artifacts, but a lot more are still in storage.



Now the center is looking to move out of the Fairbanks and into the old armory.  

While plans are still in the works to move the artifacts into the armory on Main Street, a deal has not been finalized, due to issues with the building. 


"We have done a lot of focusing on the armory on Main Street and we've had some problems with mold and asbestos," said St. Johnsbury Historical and Heritage Center Director Peggy Pearl. Pearl says it is important that the artifacts be displayed as a way of showing the town's rich history. 

In addition to displaying artifacts at the Fairbanks, the center also has items at the St. Johnsbury Atheneum. They also host interactive events, such as the Civil War Ghost Walk held this past August.