St.J Proposing Water and Sewer Budget

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St.J Sewer BudgetST. JOHNSBURY- The town of St. Johnsbury is in the process of creating the 2014 Water and Sewer budget. Residents are showing impatience towards the release of these budgets, excepting a tax increase.

Assistant town manager, David Ormiston, says that the state is currently paying for a portion of these budgets, but they are working towards giving the town more responsibility while covering maintenance issues.


The town has been experiencing increased amount of maintenance issues, including water main breaks, which could most likely result in a small budget increase within the next few years.

Orminston says, "We are taking the time to say look, we understand there is some impatience here, but we want to take the time to get through the this and see what the issues are." He is hoping to resolve some of the problems and try to "get it right" so they don't have to go back through the budget again.

The town hopes to have the proposed budget before the end of April.