St. Johnsbury Educates on School Budget Fail

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St. Johnsbury School Budget fail ST. JOHNSBURY- After the St.Johnsbury school budget failed to pass, the school board opened up the floor to residents to address what changes should be made. Many parents suggested that the board needs to educate voters on what their money is being spent on, and how it will effect students.


 A major issue is the board wants to hire more teachers to help decrease class size and increase the focus and success of students.

Second grade teacher, Bridget Ferrin-Smith has noticed the effects of having too many students. In the past Ferrin- Smith had a class of 18 and a class of 22.  Her class of 18 was very successful and met the standards that Vermont places for students success.  In her class of 22 only 80% of the students met the standards.  

Superintendent, Ranny Bledsoe believes one of the reasons the budget failed is because town residents are frustrated about the tax increase.

"We believe the budget we gave was the best budget, we don't think we can change it to much, but we know we have to look back through it and figure something out," Bledsoe said.

She also believes another reason for the budget fail is that the number of students at the high school level has increased, causing a state wide tax increase.

As the old budget is being reviewed the works of a new budget will start to come together and hopes to be purposed by the end of March. The school board suggested sending out information on impact, to help better inform voters.