Green Up Vermont

Green Up VermontST.JOHNSBURY - The nation is looking to green up on Saturday May 5th.

Volunteers from all over Vermont and all over the nation are looking to pick trash up from roadways and rivers. There are many groups of volunteers set to embark all over Vermont to help green up our area. Green Up's mission statement is to promote the stewardship of our state's natural landscape and you can help.

Green Up is a non-profit organization. Green Up relies on donations from individuals and businesses to keep the organization running. This day is an annual event occurring the first Saturday of every May. To volunteer for Green Up day you can go to the participation page on their website. The day is a full of volunteers helping their community stay clean. Green Up Day picks up over 40,000 bags of trash annually.

Mike Loschiavo, the Dealer Principal at St. Johnsbury Subaru who has been helping to organize the day locally for a few years, said "Since then it's been continuing every year with more participation as the years go on.  I think people are beginning to understand the importance of keeping our roadways and rivers clean." Many bags have been picked up already to kick off Green Up Day and if you are interested you can contact your local organizer to get involved.

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