MITI Manufacturing Holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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SAINT JOHNSBURY- The governor of Vermont, Phil Scott, was a guest speaker for MITI Manufacturing Company's ribbon cutting ceremony for the company’s grand opening of their Fairbanks Scale location.

In a particularly exciting and promising day for the community of Saint Johnsbury, Scott made his second visit for the town in order to give a warm welcome to the president of the company, Jean-Patrick Lariviere.

MITI creates products like tire boots and portable decontamination showers. These products are sold to all 50 states and 25 countries, with several thousand units sold per year, according to Lariviere.

Lariviere explained that the market for tire boots is increasing, not because more vehicles are being booted for citations, but because there has been a steady interest in owners of trailers, seaboats, or luxary cars are putting tire boots on to keep their vehicle getting stolen.

Scott and Lariviere both discussed how each were excited to work together in order to make this company transfer.

"Who would have though we could have killed two birds with one stone. We have a Canadian ownership in Vermont but we also stole a company from Colorado. That does’t happen very often. This is why it’s so great to be here today to celebrate MITI Manufacturing‘s new Saint Johnsbury location,” Scott said.

Scott had spoken about how he always pushed for stronger connections between companies in Canada (Quebec) and the state of Vermont. According to Lariviere, this new location in Saint Johnsbury has brought in 50 new jobs for people to work.

”People here are absolute experts when it comes time for more industrial proccesses. Just this building that we’re in [Fairbanks Scale] is a company that is about 189 years old. So you can imagine the knowledge they have from metal fabrication and we benefit from all that,” Lariviere said.

After the initial ceremony, MITI hosted their guests and showcased the different products that they produce while also providing snacks before closing.