NVRH's New Bike Trail Makes It's Debut

NVRHSAINT JOHNSBURY- While most people typically don’t want to be spending a day at the hospital, NVRH and the Caledonia Trail Collaborative are giving people a reason to. Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital’s newest addition opened up last Friday. With help from the Caledonia Trail Collaborative, and many volunteers, the first of two or three recreational trails have been constructed on NVRH’s 80+ acre property. The goal is to get people of all ages out in nature and enjoying the trails.


 The four season trail is accessible to walkers, bikers. During the winter months, snowshoeing and if conditions will allow for it, even fat tire biking will be allowed on the trails. However, no motorized vehicles will be allowed on the trails at any time. The best part however, it’s all completely free.


Caledonia Trail Collaborative’s Vice President, Joe Fox says that they are “super grateful to everyone that made this possible. From seven year olds who were pulling stumps, to older folks involved with NVRH, to community members and family members. This is definitely a collaborative project, and we look forward to many more of these.” For more information on the trails, you can check out the Caledonia Trail Collaborative on Facebook.