St. Johnsbury Sewerage Overflow

WastewaterSAINT JOHNSBURY- Wastewater drainage systems throughout the town have finally stopped overflowing, a reaction caused by Monday nights heavy rainfall event.While these are a big deal, they do happen quite often said Town Manager Chad Whitehead. They actually serve as a safety feature to keep wastewater and stormwater from backing up into homes and businesses in town. While Saint J has been undergoing several wastewater and sewerage system upgrades, until the town completes all of them, having the overflows is the only option.



 Whitehead explains that “We’re in the process of continually trying to get rid of those overflows. I would say that the water quality within the Passumpsic River, Moose River and the Sleepers, is probably better than it’s been in a long time. So we’re always aware of that and we’re going to do our part to try and keep that improvement improving.” 


While Whitehead claims only about 600 gallons or so were pumped into the Passumpsic and Sleeper rivers, he azures us that there is no threat to the public.