St. Johnsbury Looks to Improve Public Services

St J SelectboardSt. Johnsbury-The St. Johnsbury selectboard had a meeting Monday night, the 23rd of September, where they were looking to improve their water and fire protection grants.

The meeting took place at six o' clock in the welcome center as it always is, on the first Monday of each month.


One area of concern that came up on the agenda was the town's propsed fire application grant. The town of St. Johnbsury would like to go consortium with another town in the NEK so they can file for the grant together. The grant they are hoping to file for is a thirty thousand dollar fire loan. The application fee for this is three thousand dollars for each town that files for it. This would allow each town's fire department to be able to use the loan.


So far, Waterford has expressed interest in joining St. Johnbsury in this consortium, but filing for it still needs to be approved by the town and the selectboard.