New Names for Fairbanks Lions

FAIRBANKS LIONSST. JOHNSBURY - Bronze Lions have guarded the entrance to the Fairbanks Museum in Saint. Johnsbury since 1894.For the first time this summer they were given names.

A fundraiser called Feast with the Beast was held at the museum this summer and members of the community were able to write in suggestions for what they think the two lions should be named.

The Maple Ridge Investments company choose from the suggestions which names they liked and decided on Bear and Bull. The lions are especially rare and unique to the museum because they are different. Sculpted in Rome Italy the first lion made was thought too be to terrifying so the sculptor created the second lion to appeal more to kids and in repose.


Leila Nordmann the STEM lab director for the museum says,

"I think they are iconic for this museum, recognizing that we have two different ones and as far as I know every other museum has the exact same."

This summer the lions were conserved and got all the cracks were filled and they were given some care, as they guard the museum three hundred and sixty five days a year. Every year at Feast with the Beasts the lions will get a new name for the year.