St. Johnsbury Tobacco Ban

ThumbnailTemplateDONOTSAVEOVER copy 2ST. JOHNSBURY-The selectboard in St. Johnsbury is faced with the decision of continuing a tobacco ordinance for the town after a non-binding resolution was voted on during town meeting day. A non-binding resolution acts as a survey for the selectboard to gauge whether or not they will pursue instating the ordinance at hand. The ordinance was a topic for discussion that the selectboard received a lot of feedback over, both positive and negative. So they sought to test the waters amongst voters and placed the non-binding resolution on the docket for town meeting day. The results leaned heavily in favor of the townwide tobacco ordinance, says Town Manager Chad Whitehead, and is now up to the selectboard to decide if and when to implement it.


The ordinance will prohit all use of tobacco in town parks, and public saftey buildings such as the fire station and welcome center. If approved by the selectboard, the penalty for offenders would be a first time fine of $50. This does not prohibit the use of tobacco on sidewalks and streets.

"Promoting public health within our town parks is a good stance for the town to have," says Whitehead, "But I can understand the arguement from both sides, people don't want to see too much regulation". 


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