Kingdom Allstars Rock Out Performance

kingdom allstarsST. JOHNSBURY- The kids of the Kingdom Allstars band are not your typical students learning to play music. These young hand selected instrumentalists have been practicing and performing for many years, prior to auditioning to become "all-stars".

Vocalist and Percussion Catherine Barney says that everyone being able to play different instruments helps the bands success. "The really cool thing about the all-stars is that because we have so many players all with so much diverse talents, we have a lot of multi-instrumentalists.Like if we have one player that can't come in because of a concussion for example then we have other players that can fill in."

But as serious as these kids may be, it's not all about putting on a great show. Aden Marcott a guitarist in the band says, "Probably getting to hangout with a bunch of musicians like me that are invested into learning their part and playing as a whole like it's like a big family....we're just a bunch of kids trying to play music."

Barney adds that the groups dynamic makes it more enjoyable, "I love how we all meld as a band together, because we're all pretty advance it makes it really enjoyable to play music in general."

Marcott is among some some of the most experienced in the group, a role he says he enjoys. Marcott says, "I think it's just awesome to watch them grow to be honest."

And as for being females in music, Barney and Marshia both feel it makes them stronger. "It it makes me feel good knowing it's not all guys. It's empowering and makes me feel good." And Barney agrees, "I think it's empowering in a way, I really enjoy that. I feel like all women in music tend to be pretty badass."

What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30


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