Local Pharmacy Closes it's Doors

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         Gautheirs PharmacyST. JOHNSBURY- Gauthier's Pharmacy closes it's doors for the final time today after 85 years in business.The current owner Carol Novick has decided to retire, but she thanks her dedicated staff and loyal customers for all the great years.

      After today all customer files are being sent down the road to the new owners at Rite Aid. Customers were sad to see Gauthier's go because of the caring nature of the pharmacy compared to Rite Aid where they had trouble in the past. 


     Long time customer, Gene Hale even said" I'm going to be so pissed when they are closed and I'm going to have to go to Rite Aid." Hale also said he was unaware of the closing and it ruined his day to recieve the news. He said they always knew him by name and what he was there for and said you wouldn't find that at Rite Aid.

     Another long time customer, Denise Degrees also expessed concerns over the switch to Rite Aid saying" I got medicine for seizures once and I don't even have them." She says Gautheir's always kept her meds straight and is not happy to see it go. She called the pharmacy caring and is worried the switch will cause her meds to get mixed up.

Customers also said they will miss the lower prices and being on a first name basis with Carol.