NEK Writers Group

ST. JOHNSBURY- Poets and short story writers of the Northeast Kingdom have the chance to share their work, and be part of a writers group on Tuesdays.


This writers group is open to any writer in the NEK area. The group originally met at Catamount. Now they meet the second Tuesday of every month for poetry and tea, from two to three pm in the lobby of The St. Johnsbury House on Main Street. 


Brooke Quillen helped found the group, which is called The Northeast Kingdom Storytellers. In this group you are free to share any poems or short stories you have written. It is place to share your work and encouarge other writers, rather than a writers workshop.

This April marks their 6th year anniversary as a writers group, and despite being around for a couple of years, Quillen would like more people to join. The group focuses on all types of poetry and pose, and in particular they like to share work by Robert Frost and other well known authors from Vermont and New England.This group is currently made up of an older demographic of retiree's, but Quillen encourages the younger generation to not let poerty die and be a part of it if they have time in their schedule to. Quillen and many other members of this group are published authors in Vermont. Quillen herself has published three books of poetry and two short stories. Even with their small size, this writers group continues to be active in writers contests and the writers communities around Vermont.

"We are a small group, we meet here monthly, we have for some time. We got a small follwing of people. We share poetry we've written, we have members of the group who have published their work and won contests. Also most of us are members of PSOV, which is the Poet Society of Vermont" Quillen says.

The St. Johnsbury House itself hosts their own writers group, and Quillen's group has been able to join in on this group as well.

"Vana here the director of Good Living has run the poetry session here, Team Poetry. Its not my group that started it, but its been ongoing here for years and they do that every Tuesday, the first of every Tuesday from one to three. We kind of hooked onto that group and now most members of my group show up for each Tuesday for that as well" Quillen said.

Poetry and stories a great way to express yourself and Quillen has stated that her group is always open to new members. The best way to join is to get into contact with Brooke Quillen herself through her email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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